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Restaurants and Bars

2 restaurants enchant with its unique atmosphere

Two elegant restaurants are housed on the former courtyard under a glazed roof. Each has a unique style, décor and service.

The continental Restauracja Pod Różą serves international cuisine with an exquisite seasonally changed menu. Splendid sauces and meat as well as delicious desserts are the restaurant’s specialties. In the prestigious Wine Spectator rating the restaurant’s wine list was recognized as one of the richest in the world.
Seated in a splendid Krakow-style gate the Wine Bar entices pedestrians in the summer, while all year round wine lovers are welcome to the Vinoteka, housed in the 14th century cellars. Over 300 varieties of Italian wine are available here, alongside a variety of cheeses and regional Italian charcuterie.

In contrast, Ristorante Amarone, whose décor meticulously recreates the southern atmosphere of Italian streets, treats its Guests to delicacies of Italian cuisine, such as house-made pasta, papardelle with boletuses, a wide selection of spaghetti sauces as well as an abundance fresh house-baked bread. Original Italian products are the norm here and the restaurant’s first Head Chef, Alfredo Chiocchetti took care of every detail.


Restauracja Amarone is rooted in the classical Italian style but it only takes those elements which are truly representative of traditional Italian dishes.

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Restauracja Pod Różą is the quintessence of the modern approach to classical cuisine and style and exceeds the highest culinary standards in Polish delicacies which have been enriched with Mediterranean inspiration.

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This is a unique place. Private restaurant room with separate entrance, where you can taste the specialties of our kitchen surrounded by more than 7,000 bottles of wine from our Vinoteka.

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Chef de Cuisine – Miłosz Grabowski

The cuisine of Miłosz Grabowski is a surprising mixture of flavors based on classical tastes. Miłosz learned the proper techniques from the best chefs in London. He worked with Chefs: Gordon Ramsay and Clare Smyth. Arnauld Bignon – two – Michelin starred Chef taught him the ropes of classical French cuisine and he personally appreciated Miłosz’s talent and commitment.

Miłosz is familiar with  hard work with the Masters. He is passionate about gaining knowledge. He always tries to go beyond conventions, though he cherishes humility.

All the 10 years spent in the most prestigious places of London’s gastronomy have given him confidence in the creation of his original ideas which he is going to use in his native cuisine today. His enthusiasm and fervor make his work style unique and noteworthy.

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