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Pod Różą Restaurant

Opening hours
monday - sunday: 12.00 - 23.00

Pod Różą Restaurant, inspired by international influences, has been boasting its own cuisine for over 20 years. You will also find here a modern touch to Polish traditions and a shortage of regional and seasonal products. The renown of our restaurant, located in the oldest Hotel in Krakow, has been appreciated by many prominent guests at the highest level. Our cuisine is famous for its own production. The tasting dinner in Fine Dining style shows the scale of the Chef’s possibilities. In the prestigious Wine Spectator rating the restaurant’s wine list was recognized as one of the richest in the world. Seated in a splendid Krakow-style gate the Wine Bar entices pedestrians in the summer, while all year round wine lovers are welcome to the Vinoteka , housed in the 14th century cellars. Over 300 varieties of Italian wine are available here, alongside a variety of cheeses and regional Italian charcuterie.

Lamb shashlik, cucumber salad
12 PLN

Polenta fries, gorgonzola sauce
12 PLN

Fried frog legs, baked garlic mayonnaise
15 PLN
Jura Bleu mousse, chicory, pickled grapes
25 PLN

Salmon in beetroot and vodka, potato blini, herbs
30 PLN

Marinated beef fillet, balsamic vinegar, grated yolk
35 PLN

Royal consommé, meatballs, mushrooms
30 PLN

Agnelotti with ceps, burrata, parmesan foam
35 PLN
Baked zander, asian bouillon, prawns
55 PLN

Grilled veal loin, black chanterelles, white sauce
55 PLN

Pan roasted turbot parsley leaves sauce, cucumbeer
90 PLN
Flat iron steak, romaine lettuce, pepper
45 PLN

Burger, foies gras, potato puffs
50 PLN
Cauliflower risotto, Polish matured cheese „Amber” , egg
12 PLN

Potatoes, kefir, fried onions
10 PLN

Butter salad, buttermilk, lard
10 PLN
Coffee mousse, chocolate, martini
25 PLN

Yoghurt mousse, waffle, flowering quince
25 PLN

Pumpkin cream, sea buckthorn, pumpkin seeds
25 PLN

Puff pastry, white chocolate mousse, plum
25 PLN
  We would like to kindly inform you that we add 10% service charge to the table above 5 people.

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All rooms have been designed individually. Thanks to bold interior arrangements and tailor-made furniture, the rooms and suites have gained a modern style, while maintaining the unique atmosphere of the oldest hotel in Krakow.

Highest quality materials

Unique materials were used to finish the rooms and suites. As in the case of other Likus Hotels & Restaurants group properties, marble, sandstone and wood are predominant.

Multimedia and modern technologies

The hotel is equipped with intelligent control systems in order to optimise energy and protect the environment. Moreover, the rooms have TV sets with a multimedia platform for communication between staff and hotel guests.


The Pod Różą Restaurant, an inseperable part of the Hotel for over a century, gained a new space in 2020. The legendary mezzanine has become more intimate. The Szef Room is a complete novelty — a unique space where our chefs present their original tasting menu. The whole is complemented by a glass kitchen and a long bar, which is the perfect place to start a special evening.