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Pod Różą Restaurant

Opening hours
monday - friday: 18.30 - 23.00
saturday - sunday: 12.00 - 23.00

Pod Różą Restaurant, inspired by international influences, has been boasting its own cuisine for over 20 years. You will also find here a modern touch to Polish traditions and a shortage of regional and seasonal products. The renown of our restaurant, located in the oldest Hotel in Krakow, has been appreciated by many prominent guests at the highest level. Our cuisine is famous for its own production. The tasting dinner in Fine Dining style shows the scale of the Chef’s possibilities. In the prestigious Wine Spectator rating the restaurant’s wine list was recognized as one of the richest in the world. Seated in a splendid Krakow-style gate the Wine Bar entices pedestrians in the summer, while all year round wine lovers are welcome to the Vinoteka , housed in the 14th century cellars. Over 300 varieties of Italian wine are available here, alongside a variety of cheeses and regional Italian charcuterie.

Tartar of lesser poland beef, crispy bone marrow
Mayonnaise and watecress flowers, extra virgin rapeseed oil
40 PLN

Landes foie gras: pan-fried and ballontine
Red currant gel, marinated white currants, toasted chałka
55 PLN

Marinated salmon from płońsk
Homemade semi-pickled cucumber, dill mayonnaise, dill flowers, wild rice
35 PLN
   First courses
Sub-carpathian goose broth
Pierogi with aged goose, parsley root and leaves, carrot
35 PLN

Łazanki” pasta with young summer vegetables and herbs
Lion’s mane mushroom, parmesan and truffle emulsion, lemon verbena vinaigrette
35 PLN

Trout from ojców fried in country butter
Beetroot leaves, fumet sauce with sour borscht, dill, beet horseradish
40 PLN
   Main courses
Polish highland beef fillet
Sauce with shitake mushroom from lublin, lettuce
Young potatoes with espuma and dill purée
80 PLN

Stuttgard suckling pig, apple puree, baby celeriac
Chantrelles, marinated rhubarb, radichio, wieliczka cider sauce
70 PLN

Spanish stone bass, broccoli, shelfish sauce
Beer batter with turmeric, apple cider vinegar
85 PLN
Pavlova cake, polish crème fraîche, marinated strawberries
Strawberry sorbet and nasturtium
35 PLN

Apricot tart tatin, apricot and sage sorbet, brown butter
White currants, vermouth
35 PLN

Chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate mousse
Mint gel, fresh raspberries, raspberry sorbet
35 PLN

Selection of cheese
picalilli, truffle honey
45 PLN
   Tasting Menu

Narinated jurasic salmon, homemade sour gherkins dill mayonnaise, dill flower, crispy salmon skin, sea grapes

Landes foie gras: pan-fried and ballontine, earl gray and flowering quince gel, local apple preparations: chutney and compressed in cider, “chalka” from krakow jewish district

Homemade linguine, shitake mushroom from lublin, parmesan and boletus emulsion, crunchy snails, mushroom plant

Spanish stone bass, forms of broccoli, shellfish sauce, beer batter with turmeric, apple vinegar

Stuttgard suckling pig, apple puree, baby celeriac, chanterelles, marinated rhubarb, radichio, wieliczka cider sauce

Pavlova, polish crème fraîche, fresh and macerated in apple vinegar strawberries, nasturtium flowers and leaves

Dark and milk chocolate tart and mousse, baked white chocolate blackberries, currant ice-cream

Dried plums in chocolate

Price: 185 PLN
Tasting menu is available only for whole table

  We would like to kindly inform that we add 10% service charge to the table above 5 people.

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